Thursday, July 21, 2005

Wary of the Force, The Federation is

Speak much good, does the DPM Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak. Intelligently suggest he does, that censorship be self-regulated. Feel strongly on this, he does, but will advice given be taken by the operators ?

Decide clearly between good and bad we can, says the honored representative of the people. Populist is his stance, and laud him on this the Sith will. But in his stance, his true feelings he betrays. Control he desires, when "How are we to curb this, especially when we are moving to 3G wireless technology?" he questions. But on cybercafe owners they place their hopes.

Hmmm. Hope. The quintessential human delusion, simultaneously the source of your greatest strength and your greatest weakness.

The Force is all around us. It permeates our very being, it fuels us and at the same time it it carries our ideas and our thoughts. With and within the Force, Jedi and Sith battle in an endless dance of control and domination. With novice use of the Force, humans have achieved feats they had only dreamed of. Speak to their loved ones and trade with the outlying systems of the galaxy, without the Force difficult would be. Live without the Force, they cannot. Addicted and drawn in by its power, they have been. Think it is their right, they now do.

But control the Force, the Congress has always tried. Control in many forms they have previously practiced. The China System has put faith in their use of Force filtering proxies, but around these curbs the Jedi and Sith of that system a route have found. The Force intreprets censorship as damage, and flows around it. Intricate are its paths thru the galaxy, and impossible it would be for the congress to place control on it. Fail they will, like the others before them.

On the conduits of the Force does the DPM now place his trust. Make the right decision, he thinks they will.

Agree with the DPM the Sith does. Business model there is for cybercafes, where younglings are safe. Advertise themselves well they can, and in the process to the paranoid parents they will appeal. Controlled zones do the parents want, and pay many credits for this, they will. But ban not the unfiltered access, the Congress must. Allow the operators of such outlets the unfiltered access they now provide. Both can promulgate in this system, and both will flourish. Give balance to the Force this will, for choice it will provide.

Choice, the fundamental construct which humans constantly demand and have died for. Choice, the very reason why democracy prevails. Not able to handle choice, humans are. Confused they become, but without it, wither away they will. Choice, necessary it is.

Fight total and mandatory control of the Force, the Sith will. But allow choice and liberal decisions, the Sith suggest.

Choice is what is needed now. Choice between using the Force in a filtered, sterile environment and choice in having access to the Force in its raw, unadulterated and corrupt form. Choice to decide for yourself.

To the controlled conduits the parents may send their younglings, and to the unfettered Force feeds will the purveyors of boobies and mons veneris congregate. Happy will both be, and the Sith will be assured of fresh minds to bring to the Dark Side.

The Sith await you.


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