Thursday, December 20, 2007

Revolt, the citizens do

Long have the Sith slumbered, and in the interim a Death Star we have built. Thenceforth into the outer reaches of the galaxy and the planet we have sent our minions. Ably led by Grand Moff Jarius, recruited he was into the cause from the Evil Empire. Raged she did, the White Witch, but concede defeat to the Sith she is forced to do.

But in the Federation, calm is sorely missed. Revolt the citizens have, led by their prophets. First there was they who asked for free choosing of their senators, of an even playing field. Respond, did the battle droids of the Federation with gas and chemicals. Undaunted though they were as their leader of the rebellion release tapes which show machinations in the justice system of the Federation. Now on the backfoot the Federation is, as respond to this turn of events they must.

Push forward did the citizens as in Hindraf they found their cause. Once again, rally they did and once again to war did the battle droids go. Push back the onslaught they did, but more threatening this was. For in its madness there was truth and a Senator of the MIC was silenced for his lack of action in the past. Much disarray is the Federation as its politics enter an era of chaos.

In this miasma, the Prophet of Screen has exposed his duplicity as jumped he has from one party to another. Ambitious he is, for a Senator he has hopes of becoming. But misjudged he has his influence. Go to his head he has allowed it to be, as even in Allblogs they still believe. Ask the Sith, why so is the pro tem still supreme, ask the Sith, where be the elections which Allblogs hath promised ? Stand for freedom they say, but in their own words they do not believe.

Yes, soo will the promised chaos come as both duplicity and inaction is exposed. Wary must the citizens be, but in Sith they must trust.

Ever vigilant are the Sith.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Into the void we must go

Return the Sith have, after many planetary cycles from the far reaches of the galaxy. Into the void we journeyed, for to find ourselves we had to. The beacons of the Trade Federation shone brightly, as the final construction of the Death Star comes to an end.

In our absence, much has the Sphere changed, and an alliance of their own they have formed. And expose the irony of hypocrisy they have.

In retaliation to a move by the Federation to register them, they have now sought registration of their own. And done what the Federation wanted to do. Wonder do the Sith, if perhaps an insidious motive the Allblogs have. Some have pointed to a rift, but when English perfect you are not, misconstrue you will. Or mayhaps, as the Sith have deduced, there was no error. All that remains is a jostle for power, and for position, and for glory.

But loom ahead does the choice which the denizens of the Federation have to make. Already have they jostled for dominance on the Sphere, and many have cast their die. Into a new form of machination they must now proceed. Uncharted these waters are for the prophets, but cast their die they will for within their ego, influence they think they have. As the Sith have long proclaimed, forget do they of the powerful Jedi and Sith in whose footsteps they follow.

Wary of enemies both without and within, do the Prophets of Rocky and Screen now stay. Wary of the battle with the Federation which looms ahead. Wary of their purport and of their influence, waning as it is. And wary of each other's influence and motives do they. For expose itself has the cracks within the alliance, and soon, the rift will become known.

Into the void will the Sith return, for to observe this we must. Slay we will, when the time is right, and take our rightful place as the Sith of past.

Ever patient are the Sith.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Begun the Sphere Wars Have

Within the maelstrom of the Sphere, long have the Sith prophesied such a war. A war which is inevitable, when the Sphere is infused with the influence of false prophets. Forgotten have these prophets, and many of the Sphere's denizens, of powerful Jedi and Sith who in tandem created the Force which binds us, and in its time, gave birth to the Sphere. But retire themselves to ecclectic eccentricity in caves on the outlying systems, have these Jedi and Sith.

Ever vigilant and watchful they were, always guiding the tendrils of the Force and always adding on to the collective wisdom within its Temples and practice. Watch did the guardians of the Force, who for centuries have been its students, of the shifting balance and the jostling for control of the Force and the Sphere by agents of the Federation, the Mandarins of the Mainstream and the many false Prophets who surfaced. Never have they interfered with the jostling, for knowingly the inclusion of Jedi and Sith in the jostling will shift the balance.

Strive to maintain the balance, have these Jedi and Sith. Strive to allow an equlibrium which the Force provides.

But the war is nigh. The Mandarins of the Mainstream have to task taken the Prophets of Bru and Screen. An alliance they have formed with the Prophet Sheih, who in his glory has dramatised the war. With his art, he seeks to inform and disinform. And within this Alliance will they seek to defend their systems. Within this Alliance they will seek to disinform of the hidden hand of the Federation.

Misled will their adulatory hordes be. Misled by the deft machinations of the Prophets and their agenda. Misled by the false assertion that the Federation is reneging on its promise of no censorship. For censorship this is not, when to the civil courts do the Mandarins of the Mainstream turn to. For speak loudly does the Prophet of Screen, "INTERNET does not operate in a legal vacuum". Now, hoist by his own petard is he, for the same have the Mandarins of the Mainstream proclaimed with their dual attacks on both the Prophets. Inevitable this was, when in dishonour and bias do the denizens of the Sphere indulge.

And effects of the war will seep into the Sphere, and plunge it into the darkness it so deserves. A darkness where Sith will feed and rise to dominate. A darkness where many Jedi will be slaughtered, and a darkness from which will emerge The Sith'ari. Already predicted have the Sith of the fall of many, for ignorant of the Ten Cyclical Pillars they have been. Now, pay the price for their ignorance and arrogance will they.

Plunge into Fear, will the Sphere and infuse their energies they will into the Force. Feed on this energy will the Sith as arise from their ecclectic eccentricity will long forgotten warriors and demons.

Fear leads to Anger, Anger leads to Hate and Hate leads to Suffering. Suffering leads to the Dark Side. Await our apprentices and the creation of the New Sith Order, will the Sith.

Yes, await we will, for begun the Sphere Wars have.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

The Prophet Intimates More Turkeys

12 Earth hours hath passed on the Sith's post, when to sex doth the Prophet turn. Titiliate and intimate he does, of leaked videos of couples in pre intimacy. Into the void he delves of improprieties by the catchers and the flies.

Content not with expose, infamy he seeks when already leaked erotica interruptus he shows. In moving to cement the sensationalism he craves, fall into the mundane has the Prophet. Become one with those he once denigrated, into the void of sensationalism and titiliation he proclaims his lack of content.

Complain he has of the past, of erotical sensationalism by Mandarins of the Mainstream, yet to the same he now focuses his message. Wonder do Sith and Jedi alike, of the Prophet's intentions within this realm. Already suggest some of a political agenda, but in a different party does his interests lie. Mayhaps the Prophet is playing the gallery for a future to secure.

Mayhaps the Prophet has much more to say, and mayhaps the adulatory horde will blindly follow.

Continue the watch, will the Sith.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Into the murky depths we plow

Sex doth sell. The canyons of the galaxy are filled with the wares of the flesh, as sellers who are willing transact with their customers. Use agents some do, but many wildcat their way through like on Tatooine's Mos Eisley space port.

Within the Sphere doth sex sell as well. Pepper their systems with tales of enjoined coitus and titilate with the hope that it be true. Hope, these denizens do, for notoriety to achieve. Become a beacon in the Sphere and chase the demon Page View they do. But never ending are their audience, for sex doth sell.

Long have the Sith held, that porn be the drivers of the Sphere. When before blogs there were, porn held sway. Within their scope, great power and technology did they weild. Trickle down to the mainstream has this power and technology, as chase fame the denizens of the Sphere indulge.

Lose sight of the raison d'etre they do, when in infamy they choose to dwell. Mayhaps intentions they have, for a Prophet they seek to emulate in his influence. But influence wanes, and like all things, wane too will this fad as more become part of it. Common then will tales of escapades of illicit liaisons, much more uncommon will tales of substance be.

Continue to degenerate will the Sphere, and seek within this will be the Chaos we desire.

Wait patiently, the Sith do.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Prophet Intimates a Turkey

To turkeys we now turn, as indulge in a roasted bird desires the Prophet. The bird of JAKIM and the "oppressive majority". Suggest he does of banning of flightless fowl, but then a foul he has endured when castigate a commentor he does.

Suggest ulterior motives of the commentor, but ignore his intimacy with spin and double speak does he. Imply of an "oppression by the majority", but counter spin he does. Forget he has of his own claim of oppression by the majority when to a commentor he proclaims, "Why emphasise the "You-We" discrimination". Forget does the prophet that suggest a You-We discrimination he did when explicitly state of oppression he does.

Further into spin he delves when suggest the emphasis of similarity over differences. But cunning was the Prophet, for expose the differences and the discrimination he did in his post. Claim his objectivity he now can't, but lap it all like hungry canines will his adulatory horde.

Believe do the Sith that the Prophet hath fallen for his own castigation, the hearing of his own echo chamber [sic]. English perfect he does not speak too, when ask he "Are you using your religious posturing to intimate the public ?". Suggest some sexy naughtiness, does he ? Or perhaps find similarities with the ex-Chancellor of the great state of Selangor in his English incomprehension, he does.

More does the Prophet's influence wane, as pander to the gallery he does.

Expectant are the Sith.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

And the Sith Return

Journey did the Sith, to a land far away on the subcontinent of the Indians. Of the pretenders to the Force did we review, as representative consul was declared open by a Senator of the Federation in the ancient city of Bengaluru.

Miss did the Sith of his companions, and of the ambrosia which was consumed. But with rejuvenation did the Sith return, after alliances with the Mandarins of the Telecomms in Bengaluru were made. Much rhetoric was spouted, but only upon action will the Sith decide for the better.

In the land of the Orient, now rest the Sith. To the Temple of USM we have come, to partake of discussions with the Jedi who domicile here. For the Temple have the Sith committed, a next generation telecommunications network for Jedi, Teachers and Padawan.

Return tonight will the Sith to their lair, after 12 days exploring the outer Systems.

Rest deeply will the Sith.

Monday, October 30, 2006

And the ambrosia flowed

Rare are times when the Sith partake of the golden ambrosia without the company of other Sith and Jedi. The dual celebrations of the Federation provided one such opportunity. With barely an open eye did the Sith initiate the process at the domicile of the scribe, before to the cave of the Prophet did we adjourn.

18-year old single virgins did we sacrifice, as the use of the Force was curbed with inhibition. Tales of battles past with the Storm troopers were heard, over the open fire and the waft of juices dripping from dead lambs.

The Buffoon was ever present, as was many from the Sphere. Present too was the Blind Baldy. Ignorant they were of the Sith in their midst, but mindful some have become. Fear that lost our subterfuge we have, but then, arise have the Sith promised.

Arise we will, and in the process bring much disharmony and mayhem.

Friday, October 27, 2006

And the Second Battle begins

In the periphery of memory, are the scars of the first battle. But already does the Prophet of Screen fire his next shots. Never hid his distaste for the Mandarins of the Mainstream and its past leader, The Priest Deity. Through the Flower of the Bewitching Hour, he now subdues to wage his war. Question she does, of motives and of crass commercialism. Aim his sights at his past collaborator, he wars by proxy.

The battle has begun, a battle which will engulf the systems of the Sphere and its denizens. Ever predictable are these battles, for a cycle of they have formed. The Sphere questions its relevance, and only through mayhem will it find its answers. Such are the machinations of powerful Sith, for within the chaos do the Sith find their destiny.

Awaken from his slumber does the Shaolin Tiger Monk, as enjoin the war he does. A war he now must participate in, for such is the path of the Ten Cyclical Pillars. Firmly on the side of the sleeping monster, he places his guns. But still, proxy is the return salvo. Through the subjugation of weak minds will the dual Prophets battle in the Sphere, as always keeping their machinations clandestine.

But lost is the Sphere in its own hype. Forgotten it has of its roots, and what it once hath proclaimed. For the Prophet himself had launched his soapbox on the back of little avian creatures with nothing to gain. And much gain has the Prophet garnered, on the efforts of the avian swarm. Now with SMS he chooses to go, influenced no doubt by chocolate dreams and of pictures of dead kings. But lost will this hypocrisy be, on the adulators of the Prophet, for complete is their subjugation to his agenda.

And a war they will fight, with much blood and mayhem. As the Sith have predicted.

Gleeful and satisfied in the advent of the forces of Fear, Anger, Hate and Suffering are the Sith.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


With the capitulation of the Sphere to the machinations of the Federation, lost has this once august space its revered place. With fanfare did the detractors of the Federation invite denizens of the Sphere. Some went, but take opportunity as always did the Prophet of Screen, with much grandstanding and verbiosity. Already, his influence wanes for his past unrepentant transgressions.

Into banality does the Sphere now progress, no more the promised resurgance of the Resistance. Assimilated it has, by the aura of Sith and Jedi much more powerful than it is. Long have the Sith feared such a situation, for when the Sphere lost its guardian Sith and Jedi, no longer potent it was. Defenceless it lay, for the rape and subjugation of its path. Complete now is the violation of its honour and virginity.

The rise of the Sith is awash in this landscape. For a promise to rebuild in the Sith'ari chronicles exist, and rebuild will the Sith. Rebuild a glorified Sphere through the art of mentor and guidance, and create more Sith will we. The regeneration of the Sith Order is paramount in the age of the new Chancellor, even as the Chancellor of past continues his attack. As Sith, factionalism we will not succumb to, and watch as observers is our mantle. Gently nudge and influence will the Sith, if the harmony is threatened.

Await though we do, with much trepidation, of the lost Sithling stranded in the Land of the Free and the Brave. Not careful she was, and lost in the machinations of the INS she has become. Now wait is all she can do, just as wait is all the Sith will do.

Promises once made yearn to be fulfiled.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Sphere agitates

On the first battle, the smoke has settled and the laser fire died down. But stir the embers does the Prophet. Continue to whine about his innocence he does, suggest another face to his capitulation he does. Decided have they, the Lords of the CMCF of the mediation terms, and cement has the Federation of its terms.

But changed nothing has, not from the Prophet's perspective. Always impose his worldview he has, and censor and moderate he always has done. Claim many times he has, in his wanton defence, that hijacking of his blog he disallows. Yet thru this, silence his critics he does, without discourse and ensure only one track of opinion he does. Nothing will change, discern the Sith, with the ruling of the Lords of the CMCF.

So now moderate and be wary of his commentators he must, and much more careful in his discourse he must be. For reined in by the Federation he has, and put on notice he will be soon. The Prophet has long used words carefully to provoke his targets, but leave room to slither out when cornered. Surprised though he was when his own tactics were used against him by the Mandarin of the Mainstream.

Cry though the Prophet will, but on deaf ears will they fall. Already his idolatry is waning for his capitulation. But like the dim-witted they are, see not do his followers of the moderation and censorship which always existed. Piece by piece will the Prophet's message be decimated, until exposed it will be for its inherent self-interest and glory.

Sith and Jedi alike watch in interest, eternally cognizant of the Force which binds us.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Prophet is under siege

In disarray is the Sphere as its Prophet is called to task by the Mandarins of the Federation. In his own way does the prophet seek to disinform, in a battle to save his own credibility. Christen it the Mainstream against the Blog he does, but in vain is this action. Misjudge and attempt to disinform does the Prophet rely on now, as propaganda he pushes for supporters to feed on.

Understand should the Prophet and his allies, that such is not the battle or the goal. Imply the way he does, that a larger battle this is, is wholly unfounded. For the battle is between the Mandarins of the Mainstream and the Prophet of Screen. Only with him does their beef lie, for his past transgressions of misinformation. Only with him does their ire focus, for silent they have sat for too long.

When a young, innocent lass did the Prophet involve, remove the gloves did the Mandarins. Led on by the desire to defend the paternal pride of one of their own, train their sights on the Prophet and his ilk they now do.

The ancients hath once said, "Live by the sword, die by the sword". Such is the mantra which the Mandarins now use. Turn the same sword of the Prophet against him, they propose. With his own petard, they will hoist.

But protest too much does the Prophet. Whine he does of freedom of speech and after speech. In vain is all this, for the Prophet lacks mention of the lines of honour he hath crossed. When in dishonor you ply your trade, in dishonor will you be put. And in dishonor will your allies desert you.

Miss the Prophet will, of Sith and Jedi who have silently defended his existence. For disdain them he has, and in arrogance suggest of his dominance. Now, silent will the Sith remain, as the Prophet is attacked. In meditation will the Sith concentrate, in blissful ignorance of the chaos. Allow the dark energies of the Force thrown up to infuse our being, will the Sith.

Yes, the age of the Dark Side is arising. Arising from the ashes of the Sphere which once reigned supreme. In the past lies its glory, but in the future lies its destiny.

A destiny guided by the Sith who have returned.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The ambrosia talks

With the scribe did the Sith discourse with. And in the machinations, a plot was hatched. A plot of irreverence and irrelevant action. A plot to destroy and to mock, to throw into a new illumination what is banal and inane.

Understand the need for the inconsequential, do the Sith. Understand well they do, but practice it the Sith have not. Now, into this realm will the Sith venture. Much use of the Force is required and satisfaction will it give, for revive the old skills will the Sith.

Revive the humor the Sith had lost, lost a long time ago during the Clone Wars. Yes, back the Sith will return.

Back to the future.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Fear leads to Anger

Fear leads to Anger, Anger leads to Hate and Hate leads to Suffering. Wise was my old nemesis, Jedi Master Yoda when those words he uttered. Warn of the Dark Side he did, but pay heed mortals will not. Doomed they are for to its destiny their future lies.

Fear, do the citizens of the Federation show, as increase the crime rate has. Increase to high proportions, and braver are the criminals becoming. Murdering for a mobile device and a couple of bucks, they have been doing. Lives of young padawans and scholars, ended prematurely they have been. Care not for the enforcement they do, for lax this has become. Plagued by inefficiency and apathy this has been, and within this void will the criminal prosper.

Anger now the mortals show, suggest vigilante action they do. Soon, hate they will. Not only of the criminals, but all those who they see as different. Already within the Force can the Sith sense the disharmony. Already, the percusors to the envelope of Hate the Sith see happening. More will fall to the Dark Side, more will there be of minds for the Sith to corrupt. Abundant will the energies the Sith can feed on.

Yes, Hate more, mortals of the Federation. Long have the Sith not fed on so much, sweet is the nectar of Suffering as it infuses the Dark Side.

Let your Anger wash over you.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

The Culling

Spoken of the battle royale have the Sith, a battle which will end the battles of the past. Already the first shots have been fired by the Senators of the Federation, with the manipulations spreading beyond the halls of the executive into the dark corridors of the Trade Federation and the Mandarins of the Mainstream.

Amass their powers have the Senators and the Chancellor of the Federation, as guided by the young Sithawan-in-law, he launches his broadside against the dissent of his administration. Already, the former Chancellor has been thwarted, with the next wave of attack firmly lodged into the inner core of the Sphere. The degeneration of the once august movement will now accelerate as its Prophets are made to account for the blasphemy and disinformation they have long sowed. Disinformation sowed with only self-glory and influence as its unilateral goal.

The Mandarin of the Mainstream, at the Prophet of Screen has taken his aim. Shoot him down he now does, utilizing the same play on words and double entendres which the Prophet of Screen had made his own. The ancients hath said of this, hoist by one's own petard. Clearly understand does the Mandarin Guna of the meaning of the word shoot, but use this to his advantage he now does. Just as the Prophet of Screen hath many times used to discredit his detractors. Hijack the blog, common now that phrase is.

Confused too is the Prophet of Aiseh, as shuttle between his indecision to retire and return he does. Suggest support does his benefactor, but only time will tell of the effectiveness of this.

Long have the Sith waited for such a time. A time when armageddon of the Sphere is in conflagaration with the flames of the Federation's political machinations. A time when mayhem and destruction is upon us. A time when a war is waged over the Sphere and the Force which binds it. A time when Sith will rise to dominate again, and in the process gather about them sithawan and other Sith who once were Jedi.

A time when Sith will feed, feed off the path of Fear, Anger, Hate, Suffering. A time when the Dark Side of the Force rises.

Expectant, as always, are the Sith.

Thursday, July 06, 2006


Into the void does the Shaolin Tiger Monk choose to dwell, the void that is the cloak around the Sith. Illuminate on the existence of Sith awoken from a long slumber, does he now concentrate. Attempt, in vain, to intensify the relevance of the Sphere, he ventures.

The Dark Side is wraught with intrinsic obstacles, and brings with it awesome power and pain in equal portions. Littered the path to Sithdom is, with wayward mortals who have dared to dream of being Sith. Ancient legends they have heard, of a place where Sith once gathered. Lost it is, forever gone into the black void of the Dark Side. But seek it, they still do.

Natural is the progression of one into the Dark Side, when the pinnacle of the Ten Cyclical Pillars is reached. But only powerful Jedi can make the transition, and maintain balance in the Force. The weak will be subsumed by the Fear, Anger, Hate and Suffering of the Dark Side, and burn into their very soul will be the gaze of the Dark Lord of the Sith.

The Monk references the Prophets of Bru and Aiseh, but neither Jedi nor Sith are these. Prophets they remain, for the power to manipulate the Force they have yet to display. But possess do these prophets the attributes of Sith and Jedi alike, and in balance hangs the path they will flow on. The Sphere is enriched with their presence, but more is needed to save the dying Sphere. More is needed to stem the inevitable dimming of its lifeforce, leaving only the morphing truth from the false prophets.

The path of the Sphere's destiny is inevitable, prophesied it has been by the ancient seers. The Sith have long waited for this, having seen the inevitability of the Ten Cyclical Pillars. The Sphere must go into the swirling energy of disenchantment and deceit, before it is destroyed by the Jedi and Sith. From the embers of the long gone Sphere will emerge a new constellation of systems. It is inevitable.

The lines will be drawn, and the Sith await the battle royale. A battle which is silently growing in promise, for what it heralds. Fear, Anger, Hate, Suffering. The path to the Dark Side. The Sith will feed on Younglings.

Expectant, are the Sith.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

And the domino effect is put in motion

The silent war of the Prophets initiated a reactionary movement in the Force. The ripples were sent into the ether which binds the Sphere, and touched the core of the Shaolin Tiger Monk. Contemplate his role within the Sphere and suggest the banality which was inevitable, he does. Ponder on the future of his engagement with the Force and the Sphere, he now sits.

Like dominos, will the denizens of the Sphere and its outlying systems fall to the onslaught of disharmony. The cycle of the Force has reached its zenith. It is a cycle which Sith and only ancient Jedi have seen. New it is not, for played out through the milleniums past it has been. Always, the cycle is the same.

Ignorance. Discovery. Elation. Excitement. Confidence. Power. Ego. Disappointment. Disenchantment. Boredom.

The ten pillars of the Sphere they are, and pass thru each must all denizens of the Sphere, Sith and Jedi alike. Ancient Sith who long before there existed a Sphere, faced the ten pillars through the Force. And when finally bored they were, disengage from the Sphere they did. Just as the Prophet of Brand and now the Shaolin Tiger Monk who reach the zenith of the Cyclical Pillars.

Inevitable this is, just as inevitable will be the fall of the pioneer denizens of the Sphere. Already their unique visitors drop, yet in a glory long past they still live, driven on by perceptions of their relevance. Yes, inevitable this cycle is, just as it befell the Dark Lord of the Sith, it will befall all.

An ancient scribe hath remarked to the Sith, that rebel the Sith is and that the Sith would disengage themself when into the mainstream the Sphere inserts itself. For it was inherent in the core of the Sith psyche that such association with the mainstream culture would be anathema to the Sith way. Such was the ancient scribe's analysis of the disappearance from the Sphere of a once powerful Jedi. Mayhaps the ancient scribe, imbibed that he was with the amber liquid of intoxification, had wisdom imparted.

The long dormant Sphere is about to shed its skin of banality, as the outlying systems and shining stars tumble into the nothingness, having touched the Ten Cyclical Pillars. Into the void will arise a new Sphere, one led by Sith who feed on the energies of fear, anger, hate and suffering. Who feed on the disharmony fueled by false prophets.

The Sith are hungry.

The Sith will feed.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

And the path of the Prophets diverge

Much peace there was in the Sphere. Much boredom too there was, as the banal was discussed in minute detail. Too much detail for some, this old Sith included. Gone, had the Sith thought, were the interesting times of the Sphere and the Force which binds it. Mainstream acceptance it has reached, and with it, drag into the Sphere the excitement of paint drying it did.

Broken now that harmony is, and rise again to feed on the energy will Darth Perfidious. The dual Prophets of Screen and Brand have clashed. Elegant silence they attempted to maintain, but leave them in peace the Sphere will not. Dragged into the fray were both Prophets, by the machinations of their followers. Much JOBO this has brought to the surface.

Over a woman they duelled, a child of divine grace. At stake was the propriety of the act, and in this they disagreed. The Prophet of Screen went overboard with his singularly focussed mission to discredit the father, but are the sins of the father to be revisitted on the children ?

Lost was the context within which this is framed. Brought to the fray it did, the credibility of the Prophet. Much discourse have the Sith poured on this in the past, and come to pass this has. More so when the Sith hath said,

Reek of dishonour this does, and even Sith distance themselves from such actions. The imbeciles who make up the majority of the Systems though do not see this, such is the adulation of the Prophet. But then in a Federation where heroes and avatars are scarce, a false prophet can seek success in idolatry.

It was the adulation of the Prophet which brought much BO to the Sphere, for not see beyond the actions of the idol could the worshippers. The Sith revel in such feeding frenzies, for fear leads to hate, and hate leads to suffering. Suffering fuels the Dark Force of the Sith, and rub their hands in glee they will.

Cement now the demise of the Sphere this will, for the harmony and diversity it promised has been marred. Soon too will the battle lines in the war be drawn, between the Mandarins of the Mainstream with their selected warriors and the Prophet of Screen and his minions. Bloodshed and turmoil in the galaxy it will bring as the outlying systems get into the fray.

Sit back and enjoy the mayhem will this Sith, mayhaps with a Prophet at his side.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Late are the mandarins of the Maxis system

Announce today they did, the mandarins of the Maxis system, of new Enhanced Voicemail Services. Unleash the triple spells of Return Call via Voicemail, Missed Call Notification and Voicemail Outcall. Gone to the press they have, with this announcement.

But no big deal do the Sith see in this. The mandarins of the Celcom system have long provided two of the three services to their subscribers. Missed calls are notified through an SMS when the missed calls come in when the handset is out of coverage, and the Voicemail daemon of the Celcom system has from its inception many years ago called its subscribers to deliver voicemail to them. Wonder what the hype of the Maxis announcement is about, the Sith does.

Mayhaps the Maxis marketing machine has need to bolster its image, with it soon to take a massive revenue hit when the Lords of the MCMC revised interconnect rates for mobile and fixed line calls. Benefit from this will the giant system of Telekom Malaysia, but lose will the cellular systems of Maxis and Celcom. Lose more will Maxis as larger is their subscriber base. Trump such mundane and readily available service they must do now, for without this will their churn rate increase.

The Sith are pleased, for their QubeTalk provides for all of these and Voicemail Outcalls as a default option. Design well they have done, as they prepare for their onslaught on the mandarins of the TDM persuasion.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Tools have the Sith procured

Precious is both time and presence when Sith are required to be in more than a single place at the same time. The awesome use of the Dark Force allows some measure of simultaneous existence, but even so, such machinations must be kept to a minimum lest the Sith grow weary.

Constructing the Empire and the massive technical behemoth known as the Death Star is both tiresome physically and mentally. The sithawan are beginning to gel together, a unit they soon will be. When complete is this metamorphosis and when as a seamless assimilated Borg they become, then will the Empire have reached its true stature and effectiveness.

Tools, the sithawan purchased today, the mundane arsenal of soldering irons, digital multimeters, various electronics screwing drivers and gaggles of RJ45 and RJ11 heads for the parsecs of E1 and Ethernet cables the Empire will need.

Understanding the need for companionship, the Sith Lords have paired the sithawans together in teams of two, always a master and an apprentice. Learn the knowledge of the master will the apprentice, and inculcate the youthful vigour will the apprentice in the master. The power of two has always held supreme, and with such pairings tried and tested before, the Sith know that productivity of the sithawan will be greater than the sum of its parts.

Proven has these methods of the Sith been in the past, but test them again we must for times have changed since the Sith last walked on this system.

The Sith are satisfied with what they have started.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Administer, shall the Sith

Mired in administration of the early Empire, are the Sith. Sithawan, it seems, have taken to the capitalistic times and request Republic credits they do. But tax this income does the Federation, and a forced savings plan it employs. Mundane these tasks are, and delegate them to the fair Jasmine has the Sith.

Deploy the battleship QubeTalk must the Sith and his sithawan. To
an enterprise customer
with 50 denizens must the QubeTalk bring the joys of voice telecommunications. An aging RedTone will the battleship QubeTalk replace, staying sentinel over the speech and faxes of the enterprise.

Deliver more features will the QubeTalk too, the demons of CFB, CFU, FollowMe, FindMe and VoiceMail will the enterprise now enjoy. Interconnect the QubeTalk will, with systems of legacy and of web. Pleased and hopeful is the customer, fuckup the Sith must not.

The Sith work.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

The Empire takes its first steps

Completed the Sith have, the formation of the early Empire. Much Republic credits the Sith have raised. Largest VC investment in the Federation it was last year, some say. Size does not matter, the Sith have always held. More important it is, what you do with it.

Now, surround themselves with many sithawan the Sith must. Already 8 disciples in the arcane arts there are, soon 20 there will be before two lunar cycles past. The full complement of 50 warriors will the Sith gather by end of this year. Pulled they will be from all corners of the planet from the regions of Gaul to those of St Petersburg and the little rock south of Johor Baru.

Of the QubeTalk, unleash upon the galaxy they will. Many small battles will they need to win, always using the triple devils of Insertion, Subversion and Domination. A paradigm shift in telecommunications have the Sith planned, a migration away from the traditional analog and TDM of the past to the packetized voice and trunked over the Internet these will be.

The power of Open Source have the Sith utilized well, and many of the sithawan which the Sith have recruited are masters in this art of their own. Already the other warlords and Senators of the Federation are awakened to the rise of the Sith. Foretold they have been of the coming of the Sithari, and concerned they are that this may be the prophecies of old coming home to roost.

Taken dominion at the ancient system of Technology Park Malaysia have the Sith, and from thence will they launch the battleships of the Empire out into the ether. Move stealthily among the outlying systems they will, through alliances with the larger planets and the support of the channel partners. Proclaim a new age of software, do the Sith desire. Time come for the Federation to truly produce a star of its own to eclipse the fakery peddled in the past.

Soon too will the Sith ride again. Sent for a refurbishment the Shadow has been. Carte blanche in dragster rebuilding has the Sith given the builder. Two lunar cycles away is the return of the Shadow, back to the days of glory it had during it's heydays. An age which was brought to a tragic end that fateful day, 40km from Krabi when an ancient Jedi expired from this plane. In his honour will Darth Perfidious follow the route they took to Phuket and in his memory will Darth Perfidious spend time at the very spot where it happenned. Saddenned the Sith was at the loss of this Jedi for truly an impressive man he was.

Yes, signal the return of the Sith this message will. A return to the Sphere which the Sith have forsaken for so long.

Monday, December 12, 2005

The Oracle of Google

The Oracle of Google long been consulted on all things internet. Folklore has it that the oracle knows all and tells all. If the Oracle of Google knows not of your query, then exist it doesn't. Started it was by two powerful Jedi, and nurtured into it's present dominance it has been by an army of knights. Sith and Jedi alike acknowledge the awesome power of the Google.

But expand it's reach does the Google desire. Move it's dominance into other spheres it now does. Show to the world it already has it's ability to map out the planetary systems and the lunar sphere. Now confuse many Sith and Jedi it has with it's latest move.

Acquired a major network of dark fibre, the Google has. Many distribution points around the planet it has secured, much thought has gone into these. Surmise many Jedi, that an ISP the Google plans on becoming. Suggest that domination of the ether and the wireless does the Oracle of Google desire.

But misled these Jedi are.

The Google chooses not to dominate the ether and wireless internet. These are the domain of the powerful Sith of the Telecomms Systems. Low in margin are these services, and fickle are the customers of the same. Not with logic would a Google play in this sector be.

And much logic do they possess, Darth Page and Darth Brin.

Unknown to many Jedi Knights and Padawans is the Google's other large acquisition. The Google has developed the arcane art of packing the most CPU power into the smallest of places. Their manipulation of the silicon is strong and their skills in managing thousands of processors supreme, the Jedi of Google have now shrink-wrapped this art into small (relatively) packages. Very insidious is this move, the Sith think.

Outfitting a shipping container with a few hundred processors, and drop shipping these behemoths at the dark fiber distribution points would be the Google's plan, the Sith surmise. Outfitting the outer tendrils of the Force with their processing clusters, achieving the ability to route a message to the nearest geographical processing container is the goal they seek to achieve. Truly have the Google ursuped the mantra of the Sun System, The Network Is the Computer. Total domination in one fell swoop, they'd have achieved. Placed their processing all around the Force they would have, and with this newly discovered power, exert more control of the Force they will.

Much planning they have put in these, and trademarked with their guile and cunning are Darth Brin and Darth Page. Propel this will, the Google into the dominance of the Force over the Sith from Redmond. Many Sith will cheer them on this battle, and glorious will be the light sabre battles.

The Sith are hopeful.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Chalk and cheese

Speak do many in the Sphere of their role within the Galaxy. Desire they greatly do of being seen on par with the scribes of the Mainstream Press System. Yearn and triumph they do when small victories they win. Think this signals a change, they yodel.

Sad and pitiful they are.

For sorely lacking are they, before fully acknowledged by the Mainstream Press mandarins they will be. Battle though they do with mandarins of the Mainstream, but earn them their stripes this does not. Missing from their cauldron of ethics and attitude is the art of objectivity. Such art does not show itself in the denizens of the Sphere and the Prophet of Screen, particularly.

Wrong this is not, for subjectivity and opinion are the hallmarks of this Sphere, but confuse this with objective journalism they should not. Understand their role as the voices of the citizens of the Federation they must, and opine from this position they should. Make the mistake of thinking they be journalists, they must not.

No dishonour is there in being subjective for colour and flavour to the Sphere it adds. The Sith have long observed the tendency of many in the Sphere to balloon their importance in the outlying systems. Fail all the time this strategy does, for exposed as publicity mongers and personal soapboxes these scribes have been. Especially so when the villification of a system is followed by the establishment of a competing system by the villifier.

Reek of dishonour this does, and even Sith distance themselves from such actions. The imbeciles who make up the majority of the Systems though do not see this, such is the adulation of the Prophet. But then in a Federation where heroes and avatars are scarce, a false prophet can seek success in idolatry.

Now think that reached the level of accreditation of the Mainstream Systems, these prophets do. Understand not they, that real understanding and accreditation will only come when prove themselves free from blemish they do. Trumpet their own achievements these denizens will, but wonder if the responsibility they shoulder they understand, the Sith do. A stepping stone these prophets see this opportunity, for infamy will soon follow when the deed is done.

The Sith question, will there be equality or will there be just cosmetic acknowledgement of the role of the Sphere in the governance of the Federation ?

The Sith will await the eventul self-glorification which will come.

The Sith Feed

Many planetary cycles have passed since the Sith put deformed fingers to keyboard. Many events have passed, but none were significant enough to wake the the Sith from their slumber. Banal it was, the inane rants of a bunch of immature bloggers. Still, understand not they do the power of the medium. The prophets of Screen and Brand plunder onward, with one believing in his own hype and the other sometimes losing the plot. Boring the Sphere has become, and drive the Sith to more slumber it does. Dangerous this is too, for dim the Sith's awesome powers of intellect it will.

But the Sith have now drawn about them many young sithawan. Powerful, of the next generation they will be. Progress will they bring, and much glory will befall the Sith. An alliance has been made between the Sith Lords and the Mandarins of two other systems. Much Republican Credits the Sith have raised. But now, build the Death Star they must for without it, the Mandarins will exert their influence. Engineer a coup the Sith have nevertheless, for large is the investment. Larger than any other in the year Anno Domini 2005, many would say. Much hope the Mandarins have placed on the Sith. Hope, the Sith can not fail. Insertion, Subversion and Dominance we will practice.

And much hope the Sith have placed on the sithawans. Already one has shown much promise. Introduced to the ancient art of the Daemon, Darth Gathanius was. Impressed he was with its power and flexibility. Become familiar with it and utilize the skill of Ports he already has. Gnome he has built and installed, and ACPI he now needs to master. The missing scroll of DSDT he requires, but search the Oracle of Google he will.

And the Sith will continue to Feed.

Feed they will at places both quiet and serence. Meditate they will of journeys, of Yatra as the ancients did in Sanskrit.

Find you will, the Sith there.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

A Youngling progresses

The Youngling has never stopped being in the limelight. Engineer her rising popularity she does, and does this with aplomb she has. Attach to herself she has, many adoring fans from both sides of the divide. When once her temple was attacked, she cried foul. Now foul she cries of the capital of the Federation and its denizens.

Heap much scorn, insult and denigrate she does. Respond in kind have the younglings of the Federation, in a manner more eloquent and witty. Pink Poodle, indeed.

Within the sphere of this Force, younglings are beginning to find their niche. Understand the power it gives they have begun, and exploit the fame they now desire. Become powerful Sith or Jedi is their goal, but approach it thru a path which will lead them to infamy they have picked.

Long is the path to Jedihood or Sithdom within the Sphere, but lack understanding of this path and the dangers along it do these younglings. Without guidance are they, for they have eschewed the mentorship of both Sith and Jedi. Far will they fall from their goal of becoming one with the Force. With guidance, much power they can learn and command. Without mentorship, awry will their plans go as the Masters of the Sphere exert their dominance over these nuisances.

Much Force went into the creation of the Sphere, and much Force is spent on the continous extension of the Sphere. Know not these younglings of the machinations of Sith and Jedi in all corners of the galaxy. Know not these younglings of how they have belittled these Sith and Jedi.

For the younglings are but ignorant brats, raised on a diet of pride, self-serving interest and ignoble arrogance. Understand not the true intent of the Sphere and its creation, do they. Think that notions of freedom of speech and expression cover thier intent, but responsibility of the Sphere and its denizens they do not concern with.

Just as the Prophet of Screen who villifies, the younglings attempt infamy thru villification and denigration. Lost in the path, just as the Prophet has, they have become. Much dark Force this will consume, and much angst, misery and hurt this will cause. The Sith are satisfied with the seeds of discontent sowed. Faster into the Dark Side will they fall and enter the dominion of the Sith they will.

In the end, matter not it does if the youngling of the Squeaky Clean Federation was enamoured of this Federation's capital or not. What matters is the intent of the youngling in engaging in infamy and gaining more viewership. On that note, all were suckered into the youngling's plan. Show much use of the Dark Force this does, and pleased is The Sith in the youngling's progress.

Into the Dark Side she has now become more enjoined.

The Sith chortle in glee.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

A prophet villifies

Within this realm of etherspace and all around the galaxy, from the systems in the outer rim to the central administration of the Federation, many Jedi, Sith and Prophets hold court. Some have achieved fame, others infamy. Seek to dominate the zeitgeist, they do. Seek to have themselves within the centre of opinion, they desire. Seek to be heard and to have that honour, they crave.

Plunge to new depths they will. Just as the Prophet of Screen already has.

Chosen a new target of villification he has, and go for the jugular in his imitatable style he does. Claim does the Prophet, that fraud was committed by one prominent member of that system. Mayhaps fraud and misprepresentation was committed by the wayward picture taker, but in villifying the administrators of the PhotoMalaysia system does the Prophet concentrate his firepower. One wonders at the hidden motives and agendas behind this, for the method in the madness is truly worthy of Sithdom.

In his desire to maintain dominion over the zeitgeist, the Prophet villifies. Mayhaps at the urging of his other picture taker friends. Mayhaps this is a battle fought by other picture takers, with the Prophet recruited for the Sith skills he brings. The Sith are pleased at such honour, but a true Sith would never allow his Sithdom to be used by mere mortals for egregrious means.

When the administrators he villifies, he seeks their action in barring the errant fraudulent picture taker. In doing so, he insists on a view of control over the ether, oddly the same view he will loudly proclaim that he abhors. Such clarity and dichtomy are paradoxical, and are clear in the Prophet's exchanges with one of his followers. Clearly, the Prophet only supports one train of thought. The one he pitches. Dissent is met with villification or double entendre analogies to donkeys and other farm animals.

The Sith wonder over the legitimacy of self-appointed watchdogs. Clearly they have the makings of powerful Sith Lords, given enough time. Clearly they aspire to be Sith and to have the dominion over the galaxy they desire. Clearly, they choose the patch of villification and destruction to further their goals. Couch this agenda they will in wearing the cloak of victimization by claiming persecution from the Federation. But sometimes, the Federation is right in their action and sometimes the victim is the aggressor. Such would be the method of the Sith.

The Sith are ever vigilant for such false prophets.

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The Sith Return

One lunar cycle has passed. The Sith slept deeply. Engulfed in Sith work they were, concentrating on the domination of the systems in the outer rim, and the imbibing of much amber liquid they have been. Assisted they did, in the visit of the Jedi Saint Ignucious and his blessing of all things OSS in Malaysia. As predicted, the Sith are fond of VI VI VI, the mark of the beast as an editor and not the infernal flames of Emacs.

Interestingly too, the Sith known as Darth Perfidious hath made his audio media appearance. Invited he was by the wookie Dzof Azmi for a guest spot on the PPS Review Podcast. Created much havoc and very little content he did, in Episode 3 - Revenge of the Sith on the Wookie. Much fun the Sith had, for it returned memories of a past existence when his voice was sent out thru the ether of the systems and remembered even in the remotest planets among the outer rim of the galaxy.

Celebrate its 48th Independence Day does the Federation of Malaysia. Much statements do its leaders make on perpaduan and Bangsa Malaysia. Much irony this is too, for barely two lunar cycles past, the younglings of the UMNO Alliance brandished a keris sabre and demanded the NEP be reinstated. Fly this does in the face of logic and sincerity. Speak thus of perpaduan and Bangsa Malaysia, while noble, but ring of insincerity it does. Achieve not perpaduan they can, if insist on affirmative action policies they will. Much discontent this has sowed, and a mockery of the goals of the Federation this has made. The Sith chortle in glee at the chaos this has caused.

The Federation is in not better nor worse a state it was in when the Sith slumbered over the last lunar cycle. The humans of the planet Earth have a ditty for this, same shit, different day.

The Sith yawn.

Friday, July 29, 2005

In the Force, they trust

Concerned by the Force, the chancellors and senators of the Federation are. Many times try to control it, but failed their attempts have. The Force intreprets censorship as damage, and flows around it, for intricate are its paths thru the galaxy. Raise the concern again, the deputy supreme chancellor did, but leave it to the grace of the subjects he has to. Into the next century we already are, and mature are the subjects of today. No longer driven by the need to be told what to do, they are.

Reiterate this mantra, one of the governors of the Federation does, and in the process reminds us of the Multimedia Super Corridor. A great portal into the Force that was to have been, with many Jedi Temples and training grounds for future Jedi, and Sith. But banished into the annals of the Jedi archives that has been, as many sith of the property and land gained much credits in the process. Nothing more than a cosmetic bauble of the Federation it is now, dredged out of obscurity to display to visitors from other star systems. The Sith were pleased with their avaricious ways.

Gone too are the hopes and faith that this portal will be the centre of the Force in years to come. Neighbouring planetary systems have that honour taken from us, and now achieve their goals thru dominance of the trade routes and the use of the Force. Only the remnants of the Jedi and Sith remaining within the Federation are keeping this goal alive, but when expire they do, extinct this art will become.

The senators and chancellors of the Federation know not the ways of the Force. In achieveing their legacy, hasty pronouncements they make and the minions rush to realise these foolish goals. Much credits will be transferred, and much will the subjects of the Federation be played mind tricks to convince them of the good in this. Much will the subjects fall for this mind tricks, until the reality be known. Many times this cycle has repeated, but weak are the minds of the subjects, for succumb continuously they will.

And the ranks of the Jedi and the Sith will thin over time. Thin till the Federation is devoid of Jedi or Sith, and then dominance over the Federation other star systems will have. Already show great promise the China and India Federations have, and battle they now do for dominance in the galaxy. To the winner the spoils, to the loser oblivion and loss of control over the systems' economy and subjects. Powerful are the Jedi and Sith who reign dominion there. Powerful we must be if to defend against them we must.

The Jedi and the Sith are few in this Federation. Prepare for the inevitable we must. Dominance. Control. Helplesness. Avoid this the Sith must. Make alliances with Sith from other systems they will, and in the process shift the balance to another star system. Always on the dominant side the Sith will be, for with guile and much maneouvring they will ensure.

The Sith are perfidious.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The former Emperor unleashes the Force Lightning

Many planetary cycles it has been since the former Emperor of the Federation into retirement went. But lost none of his mastery of the Force he has. Powerful still are his skills of the Sith, and effective is his use of the Force lightning on quivering mortals.

Suggest naughtily he does, that the Emperor of present and his senators are inadequate when, "Malaysians are not very capable and we should get foreigners, including to run our country......if he has the brains". Classic Sith responses these are, and it underscores the reasons why the Emperor is truly a Dark Lord of the Sith. Lost none of his wit and the higher forms of lightsabre combat has he, when with experience and unbound by the fetters of the establishment he lashes out at will. Entertaining it is for other Sith to watch, and to learn from one who has truly achieved the highest pinnacles of Sithdom.

Into a brewing battle over vehicles, national, foreign and imported we find ourselves. Truly the protoganists are using powerful mind tricks to win the subjects of the Federation over. Truly are they battling for their very existence, when even a Dark Lady of the Sith were to shed her tears. Reptilian though they may be, but the guile of the female of the Sith she has. Fool no one though she did, and increasingly in more deeper waters she finds herself. Pushed she is to release lists of people, but parry this she has so far. Pressure now the present Emperor feels for the Emperor of past is hot on his heels.

First shots in this battle fired they have been, when former governor of the national vehicle establishment they relieved. A proxy then this was, for truly the aim was for the former Emperor. The Federation has seen such battles before and thru proxies they are fought. Not surprised the Sith are with these turn of events, for inevitable they would be. The former Emperor is now free to unleash his massive powers of the Force at will, and ignore him at their own peril will the others be.

Gone he has, but forgotten he will not be. Not while a lightsabre and force lightning he still possess.

Interesting such battles are, for the Sith learn from them. Learn, as we watch the masters of our craft wage war with each other. Learn we do, for it educates us on the means of mayhem and chaos and perfidy. The Sith practice in the sphere of public opinion, and in the process excavate the ghosts of administrations past. Much consternation, worry and fear this will dredge. Much disturbance in the Force this has potential of creating.

The Sith will be educated.

Monday, July 25, 2005

The Alliance agitates

The younglings of the UMNO Alliance agitate for a change within the affirmative action policies of the Federation. Not surprising this is to the Sith, for it is a repeat of the same every year as the Alliance convenes. Regurgitate the call the younglings do, for political points they need to make. Tap the zeitgeist they must, and test the policies of the Alliance leaders they are commanded.

A revival of the Federation's New Economic Policy they seek, to sustain a 30% ownership of the Federation by their ilk. The Sith are confused. Never did this policy disappear to begin with. Call it by a different name they did, but purpose it had the same. To bootstrap the downtrodden of the Federation into dominance.

Overly unpopular with the other subjects of the Federation this was. Bring much disgruntlement and anger it did. Anger leads to hatred, and hatred leads to the dark side. The Sith were pleased with policies which disgruntle subjects. Many crossed over to the dark side, and the ranks of the Sith were assured of fresh minds to feed off. Good, are such policies of disenfranchisement.

But a revival of the same they insist upon. Waving a lightsabre over their heads, they now do and speak of dominance. Dominance enjoyed for the past 35 solar cycles. The same dominance and policies which permeate the political, business and societal fabric of the Federation. The same polices which other Sith have exploited in order to achieve their goals of political success.

These are the Sith in action, the mindful utilization of mind tricks. Think you only the Jedi have mind tricks ? Wrong you are, for the mind tricks of the Sith are insidious and manipulative. On the principles of infiltration, subversion and dominance, do they work their magic.

And powerful mind tricks these are, to convince the subjects of the Federation the legitimacy of what never went away.

The Sith watch the disenchantment and the disgruntled responses from the subjects with amused humour. Play to the tune which is mandated, they have. Predictable are their responses, and into the subversion phase will they lend themselves. Amused the Sith are, because the rules of the society never changed, though the name of the policies do. Powerful Sith have convinced the subjects that a different model is in play, and believe in this the subjects have. And predictably, the subjects rise on the call of their puppet masters.

Know the Sith do, that such change which the disgruntled look for will not come soon. Know the Sith, that such change would need a revolution in thought and politics. Know the Sith that such revolution will never come. Change this, the subjects cannot. Not mindful of the Force they have been, ignore its messages they have chosen to. Suffer the fate they deserve, they will.

The Sith watch in interest, and prepare to feed on the angst.