Sunday, December 11, 2005

Chalk and cheese

Speak do many in the Sphere of their role within the Galaxy. Desire they greatly do of being seen on par with the scribes of the Mainstream Press System. Yearn and triumph they do when small victories they win. Think this signals a change, they yodel.

Sad and pitiful they are.

For sorely lacking are they, before fully acknowledged by the Mainstream Press mandarins they will be. Battle though they do with mandarins of the Mainstream, but earn them their stripes this does not. Missing from their cauldron of ethics and attitude is the art of objectivity. Such art does not show itself in the denizens of the Sphere and the Prophet of Screen, particularly.

Wrong this is not, for subjectivity and opinion are the hallmarks of this Sphere, but confuse this with objective journalism they should not. Understand their role as the voices of the citizens of the Federation they must, and opine from this position they should. Make the mistake of thinking they be journalists, they must not.

No dishonour is there in being subjective for colour and flavour to the Sphere it adds. The Sith have long observed the tendency of many in the Sphere to balloon their importance in the outlying systems. Fail all the time this strategy does, for exposed as publicity mongers and personal soapboxes these scribes have been. Especially so when the villification of a system is followed by the establishment of a competing system by the villifier.

Reek of dishonour this does, and even Sith distance themselves from such actions. The imbeciles who make up the majority of the Systems though do not see this, such is the adulation of the Prophet. But then in a Federation where heroes and avatars are scarce, a false prophet can seek success in idolatry.

Now think that reached the level of accreditation of the Mainstream Systems, these prophets do. Understand not they, that real understanding and accreditation will only come when prove themselves free from blemish they do. Trumpet their own achievements these denizens will, but wonder if the responsibility they shoulder they understand, the Sith do. A stepping stone these prophets see this opportunity, for infamy will soon follow when the deed is done.

The Sith question, will there be equality or will there be just cosmetic acknowledgement of the role of the Sphere in the governance of the Federation ?

The Sith will await the eventul self-glorification which will come.


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