Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The former Emperor unleashes the Force Lightning

Many planetary cycles it has been since the former Emperor of the Federation into retirement went. But lost none of his mastery of the Force he has. Powerful still are his skills of the Sith, and effective is his use of the Force lightning on quivering mortals.

Suggest naughtily he does, that the Emperor of present and his senators are inadequate when, "Malaysians are not very capable and we should get foreigners, including to run our country......if he has the brains". Classic Sith responses these are, and it underscores the reasons why the Emperor is truly a Dark Lord of the Sith. Lost none of his wit and the higher forms of lightsabre combat has he, when with experience and unbound by the fetters of the establishment he lashes out at will. Entertaining it is for other Sith to watch, and to learn from one who has truly achieved the highest pinnacles of Sithdom.

Into a brewing battle over vehicles, national, foreign and imported we find ourselves. Truly the protoganists are using powerful mind tricks to win the subjects of the Federation over. Truly are they battling for their very existence, when even a Dark Lady of the Sith were to shed her tears. Reptilian though they may be, but the guile of the female of the Sith she has. Fool no one though she did, and increasingly in more deeper waters she finds herself. Pushed she is to release lists of people, but parry this she has so far. Pressure now the present Emperor feels for the Emperor of past is hot on his heels.

First shots in this battle fired they have been, when former governor of the national vehicle establishment they relieved. A proxy then this was, for truly the aim was for the former Emperor. The Federation has seen such battles before and thru proxies they are fought. Not surprised the Sith are with these turn of events, for inevitable they would be. The former Emperor is now free to unleash his massive powers of the Force at will, and ignore him at their own peril will the others be.

Gone he has, but forgotten he will not be. Not while a lightsabre and force lightning he still possess.

Interesting such battles are, for the Sith learn from them. Learn, as we watch the masters of our craft wage war with each other. Learn we do, for it educates us on the means of mayhem and chaos and perfidy. The Sith practice in the sphere of public opinion, and in the process excavate the ghosts of administrations past. Much consternation, worry and fear this will dredge. Much disturbance in the Force this has potential of creating.

The Sith will be educated.


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