Saturday, July 23, 2005

A prophet speaks

Silence they had kept all this while, but broken that silence is. The Prophet of Brand has spoken. Illuminate a little more on this, he has.

But contradictory in his discourse, the Prophet was. Says he, no influence from third parties was imposed on the wayward ballsman. But then, says he also his need to have the furry one rethink his position. If not influence that is, then confused the Sith will be. Influence, abstract and insidous this way of the Force is. But when fame, respect and awe you inspire, influence not you will be unable.

On to others he then turned his attention. To comments both bland and tasteless he points. Express his thoughts, and show his true feelings, this Prophet does. Dislike the vitriolic disparages and heap scorn on it he chooses to. Liberal views though he does not accept them as. But liberal is as liberal does. Judge not the worth of these, for add to the cacophony of disharmony it does. Bring more candidates for the dark side this will, to the Sith. Tremendously pleased, the Sith are, for revive the issue the Prophet has.

Too late this is though, the Sith know. For exposed beyond the sphere this has been. To the outlying systems the message has been passed, when the youngling scribe propogated it thru the Star systems. Hidden meaning it conveyed, for expose the frailties of this narcissistic confederation of planets for what it really is. Look on disapprovingly, will the Senators of the Congress of the Federation. Fuelled by these events and the hypocritical need for more narcissism will the Senators of the Congress of the Federation be. For their own aims to achieve, denigrate the morality of the Force they will. Much consternation among the younglings and their guardians this will create, and the balance will be thrown into disarray. The very balance which the Sith have returned to manipulate.

But wisely silent the dark youngling has been. Know that this is liberal and less than import it does. Put shame to this Federation, does she, when callously ignore it save for a passing brush she did. Show she did of the maturing of the Lion Federation, when to denizens of the Tiger Federation the finger (and a couple of boobies) she gave. The Sith will watch this dark youngling. Powerful Sith she has the potential of becoming. To her Master will the Sith convey their impress. Done well in training her, the Master has.

The sphere hangs in a weak balance. Tip either way, it now can. Raise much sparks and more controversy it will. For upset the previous balance, the sphere has. That is the function of the sphere and the Sith are pleased that it has come to this.

Cause much imbalance and shake the atrophy, the Sith will do. Bring chaos to the sphere, the Sith have focussed on.

Infamy. So accused a youngling of the Sith. The blood force of the Sith that is, and revel in it the Sith always have.

The Sith will feed.


Blogger Rajiv Finn said...


methinks you smokin dope wit yoda..
entertaining yet..


Sat Jul 23, 09:09:00 PM GMT+8  
Blogger Unknown said...

youngling scribe?!?!?!?!!

Tue Jul 26, 11:49:00 PM GMT+8  

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