Monday, July 25, 2005

The Alliance agitates

The younglings of the UMNO Alliance agitate for a change within the affirmative action policies of the Federation. Not surprising this is to the Sith, for it is a repeat of the same every year as the Alliance convenes. Regurgitate the call the younglings do, for political points they need to make. Tap the zeitgeist they must, and test the policies of the Alliance leaders they are commanded.

A revival of the Federation's New Economic Policy they seek, to sustain a 30% ownership of the Federation by their ilk. The Sith are confused. Never did this policy disappear to begin with. Call it by a different name they did, but purpose it had the same. To bootstrap the downtrodden of the Federation into dominance.

Overly unpopular with the other subjects of the Federation this was. Bring much disgruntlement and anger it did. Anger leads to hatred, and hatred leads to the dark side. The Sith were pleased with policies which disgruntle subjects. Many crossed over to the dark side, and the ranks of the Sith were assured of fresh minds to feed off. Good, are such policies of disenfranchisement.

But a revival of the same they insist upon. Waving a lightsabre over their heads, they now do and speak of dominance. Dominance enjoyed for the past 35 solar cycles. The same dominance and policies which permeate the political, business and societal fabric of the Federation. The same polices which other Sith have exploited in order to achieve their goals of political success.

These are the Sith in action, the mindful utilization of mind tricks. Think you only the Jedi have mind tricks ? Wrong you are, for the mind tricks of the Sith are insidious and manipulative. On the principles of infiltration, subversion and dominance, do they work their magic.

And powerful mind tricks these are, to convince the subjects of the Federation the legitimacy of what never went away.

The Sith watch the disenchantment and the disgruntled responses from the subjects with amused humour. Play to the tune which is mandated, they have. Predictable are their responses, and into the subversion phase will they lend themselves. Amused the Sith are, because the rules of the society never changed, though the name of the policies do. Powerful Sith have convinced the subjects that a different model is in play, and believe in this the subjects have. And predictably, the subjects rise on the call of their puppet masters.

Know the Sith do, that such change which the disgruntled look for will not come soon. Know the Sith, that such change would need a revolution in thought and politics. Know the Sith that such revolution will never come. Change this, the subjects cannot. Not mindful of the Force they have been, ignore its messages they have chosen to. Suffer the fate they deserve, they will.

The Sith watch in interest, and prepare to feed on the angst.


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