Friday, July 29, 2005

In the Force, they trust

Concerned by the Force, the chancellors and senators of the Federation are. Many times try to control it, but failed their attempts have. The Force intreprets censorship as damage, and flows around it, for intricate are its paths thru the galaxy. Raise the concern again, the deputy supreme chancellor did, but leave it to the grace of the subjects he has to. Into the next century we already are, and mature are the subjects of today. No longer driven by the need to be told what to do, they are.

Reiterate this mantra, one of the governors of the Federation does, and in the process reminds us of the Multimedia Super Corridor. A great portal into the Force that was to have been, with many Jedi Temples and training grounds for future Jedi, and Sith. But banished into the annals of the Jedi archives that has been, as many sith of the property and land gained much credits in the process. Nothing more than a cosmetic bauble of the Federation it is now, dredged out of obscurity to display to visitors from other star systems. The Sith were pleased with their avaricious ways.

Gone too are the hopes and faith that this portal will be the centre of the Force in years to come. Neighbouring planetary systems have that honour taken from us, and now achieve their goals thru dominance of the trade routes and the use of the Force. Only the remnants of the Jedi and Sith remaining within the Federation are keeping this goal alive, but when expire they do, extinct this art will become.

The senators and chancellors of the Federation know not the ways of the Force. In achieveing their legacy, hasty pronouncements they make and the minions rush to realise these foolish goals. Much credits will be transferred, and much will the subjects of the Federation be played mind tricks to convince them of the good in this. Much will the subjects fall for this mind tricks, until the reality be known. Many times this cycle has repeated, but weak are the minds of the subjects, for succumb continuously they will.

And the ranks of the Jedi and the Sith will thin over time. Thin till the Federation is devoid of Jedi or Sith, and then dominance over the Federation other star systems will have. Already show great promise the China and India Federations have, and battle they now do for dominance in the galaxy. To the winner the spoils, to the loser oblivion and loss of control over the systems' economy and subjects. Powerful are the Jedi and Sith who reign dominion there. Powerful we must be if to defend against them we must.

The Jedi and the Sith are few in this Federation. Prepare for the inevitable we must. Dominance. Control. Helplesness. Avoid this the Sith must. Make alliances with Sith from other systems they will, and in the process shift the balance to another star system. Always on the dominant side the Sith will be, for with guile and much maneouvring they will ensure.

The Sith are perfidious.


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