Sunday, December 11, 2005

The Sith Feed

Many planetary cycles have passed since the Sith put deformed fingers to keyboard. Many events have passed, but none were significant enough to wake the the Sith from their slumber. Banal it was, the inane rants of a bunch of immature bloggers. Still, understand not they do the power of the medium. The prophets of Screen and Brand plunder onward, with one believing in his own hype and the other sometimes losing the plot. Boring the Sphere has become, and drive the Sith to more slumber it does. Dangerous this is too, for dim the Sith's awesome powers of intellect it will.

But the Sith have now drawn about them many young sithawan. Powerful, of the next generation they will be. Progress will they bring, and much glory will befall the Sith. An alliance has been made between the Sith Lords and the Mandarins of two other systems. Much Republican Credits the Sith have raised. But now, build the Death Star they must for without it, the Mandarins will exert their influence. Engineer a coup the Sith have nevertheless, for large is the investment. Larger than any other in the year Anno Domini 2005, many would say. Much hope the Mandarins have placed on the Sith. Hope, the Sith can not fail. Insertion, Subversion and Dominance we will practice.

And much hope the Sith have placed on the sithawans. Already one has shown much promise. Introduced to the ancient art of the Daemon, Darth Gathanius was. Impressed he was with its power and flexibility. Become familiar with it and utilize the skill of Ports he already has. Gnome he has built and installed, and ACPI he now needs to master. The missing scroll of DSDT he requires, but search the Oracle of Google he will.

And the Sith will continue to Feed.

Feed they will at places both quiet and serence. Meditate they will of journeys, of Yatra as the ancients did in Sanskrit.

Find you will, the Sith there.


Blogger prema said...

Awaken the Sith has upon this plane of existence, yet we knew not.

His powers of observation have clearly not dimmed in the face of flickering sabres. This is good, for soon he may need to use his reflexes and sabre dextrously.

Tue Jan 17, 10:36:00 PM GMT+8  

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