Saturday, September 03, 2005

A prophet villifies

Within this realm of etherspace and all around the galaxy, from the systems in the outer rim to the central administration of the Federation, many Jedi, Sith and Prophets hold court. Some have achieved fame, others infamy. Seek to dominate the zeitgeist, they do. Seek to have themselves within the centre of opinion, they desire. Seek to be heard and to have that honour, they crave.

Plunge to new depths they will. Just as the Prophet of Screen already has.

Chosen a new target of villification he has, and go for the jugular in his imitatable style he does. Claim does the Prophet, that fraud was committed by one prominent member of that system. Mayhaps fraud and misprepresentation was committed by the wayward picture taker, but in villifying the administrators of the PhotoMalaysia system does the Prophet concentrate his firepower. One wonders at the hidden motives and agendas behind this, for the method in the madness is truly worthy of Sithdom.

In his desire to maintain dominion over the zeitgeist, the Prophet villifies. Mayhaps at the urging of his other picture taker friends. Mayhaps this is a battle fought by other picture takers, with the Prophet recruited for the Sith skills he brings. The Sith are pleased at such honour, but a true Sith would never allow his Sithdom to be used by mere mortals for egregrious means.

When the administrators he villifies, he seeks their action in barring the errant fraudulent picture taker. In doing so, he insists on a view of control over the ether, oddly the same view he will loudly proclaim that he abhors. Such clarity and dichtomy are paradoxical, and are clear in the Prophet's exchanges with one of his followers. Clearly, the Prophet only supports one train of thought. The one he pitches. Dissent is met with villification or double entendre analogies to donkeys and other farm animals.

The Sith wonder over the legitimacy of self-appointed watchdogs. Clearly they have the makings of powerful Sith Lords, given enough time. Clearly they aspire to be Sith and to have the dominion over the galaxy they desire. Clearly, they choose the patch of villification and destruction to further their goals. Couch this agenda they will in wearing the cloak of victimization by claiming persecution from the Federation. But sometimes, the Federation is right in their action and sometimes the victim is the aggressor. Such would be the method of the Sith.

The Sith are ever vigilant for such false prophets.


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