Sunday, September 04, 2005

A Youngling progresses

The Youngling has never stopped being in the limelight. Engineer her rising popularity she does, and does this with aplomb she has. Attach to herself she has, many adoring fans from both sides of the divide. When once her temple was attacked, she cried foul. Now foul she cries of the capital of the Federation and its denizens.

Heap much scorn, insult and denigrate she does. Respond in kind have the younglings of the Federation, in a manner more eloquent and witty. Pink Poodle, indeed.

Within the sphere of this Force, younglings are beginning to find their niche. Understand the power it gives they have begun, and exploit the fame they now desire. Become powerful Sith or Jedi is their goal, but approach it thru a path which will lead them to infamy they have picked.

Long is the path to Jedihood or Sithdom within the Sphere, but lack understanding of this path and the dangers along it do these younglings. Without guidance are they, for they have eschewed the mentorship of both Sith and Jedi. Far will they fall from their goal of becoming one with the Force. With guidance, much power they can learn and command. Without mentorship, awry will their plans go as the Masters of the Sphere exert their dominance over these nuisances.

Much Force went into the creation of the Sphere, and much Force is spent on the continous extension of the Sphere. Know not these younglings of the machinations of Sith and Jedi in all corners of the galaxy. Know not these younglings of how they have belittled these Sith and Jedi.

For the younglings are but ignorant brats, raised on a diet of pride, self-serving interest and ignoble arrogance. Understand not the true intent of the Sphere and its creation, do they. Think that notions of freedom of speech and expression cover thier intent, but responsibility of the Sphere and its denizens they do not concern with.

Just as the Prophet of Screen who villifies, the younglings attempt infamy thru villification and denigration. Lost in the path, just as the Prophet has, they have become. Much dark Force this will consume, and much angst, misery and hurt this will cause. The Sith are satisfied with the seeds of discontent sowed. Faster into the Dark Side will they fall and enter the dominion of the Sith they will.

In the end, matter not it does if the youngling of the Squeaky Clean Federation was enamoured of this Federation's capital or not. What matters is the intent of the youngling in engaging in infamy and gaining more viewership. On that note, all were suckered into the youngling's plan. Show much use of the Dark Force this does, and pleased is The Sith in the youngling's progress.

Into the Dark Side she has now become more enjoined.

The Sith chortle in glee.


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