Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Prophet is under siege

In disarray is the Sphere as its Prophet is called to task by the Mandarins of the Federation. In his own way does the prophet seek to disinform, in a battle to save his own credibility. Christen it the Mainstream against the Blog he does, but in vain is this action. Misjudge and attempt to disinform does the Prophet rely on now, as propaganda he pushes for supporters to feed on.

Understand should the Prophet and his allies, that such is not the battle or the goal. Imply the way he does, that a larger battle this is, is wholly unfounded. For the battle is between the Mandarins of the Mainstream and the Prophet of Screen. Only with him does their beef lie, for his past transgressions of misinformation. Only with him does their ire focus, for silent they have sat for too long.

When a young, innocent lass did the Prophet involve, remove the gloves did the Mandarins. Led on by the desire to defend the paternal pride of one of their own, train their sights on the Prophet and his ilk they now do.

The ancients hath once said, "Live by the sword, die by the sword". Such is the mantra which the Mandarins now use. Turn the same sword of the Prophet against him, they propose. With his own petard, they will hoist.

But protest too much does the Prophet. Whine he does of freedom of speech and after speech. In vain is all this, for the Prophet lacks mention of the lines of honour he hath crossed. When in dishonor you ply your trade, in dishonor will you be put. And in dishonor will your allies desert you.

Miss the Prophet will, of Sith and Jedi who have silently defended his existence. For disdain them he has, and in arrogance suggest of his dominance. Now, silent will the Sith remain, as the Prophet is attacked. In meditation will the Sith concentrate, in blissful ignorance of the chaos. Allow the dark energies of the Force thrown up to infuse our being, will the Sith.

Yes, the age of the Dark Side is arising. Arising from the ashes of the Sphere which once reigned supreme. In the past lies its glory, but in the future lies its destiny.

A destiny guided by the Sith who have returned.


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