Monday, February 13, 2006

Administer, shall the Sith

Mired in administration of the early Empire, are the Sith. Sithawan, it seems, have taken to the capitalistic times and request Republic credits they do. But tax this income does the Federation, and a forced savings plan it employs. Mundane these tasks are, and delegate them to the fair Jasmine has the Sith.

Deploy the battleship QubeTalk must the Sith and his sithawan. To
an enterprise customer
with 50 denizens must the QubeTalk bring the joys of voice telecommunications. An aging RedTone will the battleship QubeTalk replace, staying sentinel over the speech and faxes of the enterprise.

Deliver more features will the QubeTalk too, the demons of CFB, CFU, FollowMe, FindMe and VoiceMail will the enterprise now enjoy. Interconnect the QubeTalk will, with systems of legacy and of web. Pleased and hopeful is the customer, fuckup the Sith must not.

The Sith work.


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