Monday, December 12, 2005

The Oracle of Google

The Oracle of Google long been consulted on all things internet. Folklore has it that the oracle knows all and tells all. If the Oracle of Google knows not of your query, then exist it doesn't. Started it was by two powerful Jedi, and nurtured into it's present dominance it has been by an army of knights. Sith and Jedi alike acknowledge the awesome power of the Google.

But expand it's reach does the Google desire. Move it's dominance into other spheres it now does. Show to the world it already has it's ability to map out the planetary systems and the lunar sphere. Now confuse many Sith and Jedi it has with it's latest move.

Acquired a major network of dark fibre, the Google has. Many distribution points around the planet it has secured, much thought has gone into these. Surmise many Jedi, that an ISP the Google plans on becoming. Suggest that domination of the ether and the wireless does the Oracle of Google desire.

But misled these Jedi are.

The Google chooses not to dominate the ether and wireless internet. These are the domain of the powerful Sith of the Telecomms Systems. Low in margin are these services, and fickle are the customers of the same. Not with logic would a Google play in this sector be.

And much logic do they possess, Darth Page and Darth Brin.

Unknown to many Jedi Knights and Padawans is the Google's other large acquisition. The Google has developed the arcane art of packing the most CPU power into the smallest of places. Their manipulation of the silicon is strong and their skills in managing thousands of processors supreme, the Jedi of Google have now shrink-wrapped this art into small (relatively) packages. Very insidious is this move, the Sith think.

Outfitting a shipping container with a few hundred processors, and drop shipping these behemoths at the dark fiber distribution points would be the Google's plan, the Sith surmise. Outfitting the outer tendrils of the Force with their processing clusters, achieving the ability to route a message to the nearest geographical processing container is the goal they seek to achieve. Truly have the Google ursuped the mantra of the Sun System, The Network Is the Computer. Total domination in one fell swoop, they'd have achieved. Placed their processing all around the Force they would have, and with this newly discovered power, exert more control of the Force they will.

Much planning they have put in these, and trademarked with their guile and cunning are Darth Brin and Darth Page. Propel this will, the Google into the dominance of the Force over the Sith from Redmond. Many Sith will cheer them on this battle, and glorious will be the light sabre battles.

The Sith are hopeful.


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