Sunday, February 12, 2006

The Empire takes its first steps

Completed the Sith have, the formation of the early Empire. Much Republic credits the Sith have raised. Largest VC investment in the Federation it was last year, some say. Size does not matter, the Sith have always held. More important it is, what you do with it.

Now, surround themselves with many sithawan the Sith must. Already 8 disciples in the arcane arts there are, soon 20 there will be before two lunar cycles past. The full complement of 50 warriors will the Sith gather by end of this year. Pulled they will be from all corners of the planet from the regions of Gaul to those of St Petersburg and the little rock south of Johor Baru.

Of the QubeTalk, unleash upon the galaxy they will. Many small battles will they need to win, always using the triple devils of Insertion, Subversion and Domination. A paradigm shift in telecommunications have the Sith planned, a migration away from the traditional analog and TDM of the past to the packetized voice and trunked over the Internet these will be.

The power of Open Source have the Sith utilized well, and many of the sithawan which the Sith have recruited are masters in this art of their own. Already the other warlords and Senators of the Federation are awakened to the rise of the Sith. Foretold they have been of the coming of the Sithari, and concerned they are that this may be the prophecies of old coming home to roost.

Taken dominion at the ancient system of Technology Park Malaysia have the Sith, and from thence will they launch the battleships of the Empire out into the ether. Move stealthily among the outlying systems they will, through alliances with the larger planets and the support of the channel partners. Proclaim a new age of software, do the Sith desire. Time come for the Federation to truly produce a star of its own to eclipse the fakery peddled in the past.

Soon too will the Sith ride again. Sent for a refurbishment the Shadow has been. Carte blanche in dragster rebuilding has the Sith given the builder. Two lunar cycles away is the return of the Shadow, back to the days of glory it had during it's heydays. An age which was brought to a tragic end that fateful day, 40km from Krabi when an ancient Jedi expired from this plane. In his honour will Darth Perfidious follow the route they took to Phuket and in his memory will Darth Perfidious spend time at the very spot where it happenned. Saddenned the Sith was at the loss of this Jedi for truly an impressive man he was.

Yes, signal the return of the Sith this message will. A return to the Sphere which the Sith have forsaken for so long.


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