Sunday, August 06, 2006

The Culling

Spoken of the battle royale have the Sith, a battle which will end the battles of the past. Already the first shots have been fired by the Senators of the Federation, with the manipulations spreading beyond the halls of the executive into the dark corridors of the Trade Federation and the Mandarins of the Mainstream.

Amass their powers have the Senators and the Chancellor of the Federation, as guided by the young Sithawan-in-law, he launches his broadside against the dissent of his administration. Already, the former Chancellor has been thwarted, with the next wave of attack firmly lodged into the inner core of the Sphere. The degeneration of the once august movement will now accelerate as its Prophets are made to account for the blasphemy and disinformation they have long sowed. Disinformation sowed with only self-glory and influence as its unilateral goal.

The Mandarin of the Mainstream, at the Prophet of Screen has taken his aim. Shoot him down he now does, utilizing the same play on words and double entendres which the Prophet of Screen had made his own. The ancients hath said of this, hoist by one's own petard. Clearly understand does the Mandarin Guna of the meaning of the word shoot, but use this to his advantage he now does. Just as the Prophet of Screen hath many times used to discredit his detractors. Hijack the blog, common now that phrase is.

Confused too is the Prophet of Aiseh, as shuttle between his indecision to retire and return he does. Suggest support does his benefactor, but only time will tell of the effectiveness of this.

Long have the Sith waited for such a time. A time when armageddon of the Sphere is in conflagaration with the flames of the Federation's political machinations. A time when mayhem and destruction is upon us. A time when a war is waged over the Sphere and the Force which binds it. A time when Sith will rise to dominate again, and in the process gather about them sithawan and other Sith who once were Jedi.

A time when Sith will feed, feed off the path of Fear, Anger, Hate, Suffering. A time when the Dark Side of the Force rises.

Expectant, as always, are the Sith.


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