Thursday, February 16, 2006

Late are the mandarins of the Maxis system

Announce today they did, the mandarins of the Maxis system, of new Enhanced Voicemail Services. Unleash the triple spells of Return Call via Voicemail, Missed Call Notification and Voicemail Outcall. Gone to the press they have, with this announcement.

But no big deal do the Sith see in this. The mandarins of the Celcom system have long provided two of the three services to their subscribers. Missed calls are notified through an SMS when the missed calls come in when the handset is out of coverage, and the Voicemail daemon of the Celcom system has from its inception many years ago called its subscribers to deliver voicemail to them. Wonder what the hype of the Maxis announcement is about, the Sith does.

Mayhaps the Maxis marketing machine has need to bolster its image, with it soon to take a massive revenue hit when the Lords of the MCMC revised interconnect rates for mobile and fixed line calls. Benefit from this will the giant system of Telekom Malaysia, but lose will the cellular systems of Maxis and Celcom. Lose more will Maxis as larger is their subscriber base. Trump such mundane and readily available service they must do now, for without this will their churn rate increase.

The Sith are pleased, for their QubeTalk provides for all of these and Voicemail Outcalls as a default option. Design well they have done, as they prepare for their onslaught on the mandarins of the TDM persuasion.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, I was surprised more than a year ago, when I started getting SMS and callbacks from the Celcom computer about missed calls and voiced messages. Didn't even know that they rolled out the service. And Maxis is late, and still making a hue and cry about it.

Mon Feb 20, 10:13:00 AM GMT+8  

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