Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Tools have the Sith procured

Precious is both time and presence when Sith are required to be in more than a single place at the same time. The awesome use of the Dark Force allows some measure of simultaneous existence, but even so, such machinations must be kept to a minimum lest the Sith grow weary.

Constructing the Empire and the massive technical behemoth known as the Death Star is both tiresome physically and mentally. The sithawan are beginning to gel together, a unit they soon will be. When complete is this metamorphosis and when as a seamless assimilated Borg they become, then will the Empire have reached its true stature and effectiveness.

Tools, the sithawan purchased today, the mundane arsenal of soldering irons, digital multimeters, various electronics screwing drivers and gaggles of RJ45 and RJ11 heads for the parsecs of E1 and Ethernet cables the Empire will need.

Understanding the need for companionship, the Sith Lords have paired the sithawans together in teams of two, always a master and an apprentice. Learn the knowledge of the master will the apprentice, and inculcate the youthful vigour will the apprentice in the master. The power of two has always held supreme, and with such pairings tried and tested before, the Sith know that productivity of the sithawan will be greater than the sum of its parts.

Proven has these methods of the Sith been in the past, but test them again we must for times have changed since the Sith last walked on this system.

The Sith are satisfied with what they have started.


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i've never read extreme programming described so sexy.

Sat Feb 25, 05:12:00 PM GMT+8  

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