Thursday, July 06, 2006


Into the void does the Shaolin Tiger Monk choose to dwell, the void that is the cloak around the Sith. Illuminate on the existence of Sith awoken from a long slumber, does he now concentrate. Attempt, in vain, to intensify the relevance of the Sphere, he ventures.

The Dark Side is wraught with intrinsic obstacles, and brings with it awesome power and pain in equal portions. Littered the path to Sithdom is, with wayward mortals who have dared to dream of being Sith. Ancient legends they have heard, of a place where Sith once gathered. Lost it is, forever gone into the black void of the Dark Side. But seek it, they still do.

Natural is the progression of one into the Dark Side, when the pinnacle of the Ten Cyclical Pillars is reached. But only powerful Jedi can make the transition, and maintain balance in the Force. The weak will be subsumed by the Fear, Anger, Hate and Suffering of the Dark Side, and burn into their very soul will be the gaze of the Dark Lord of the Sith.

The Monk references the Prophets of Bru and Aiseh, but neither Jedi nor Sith are these. Prophets they remain, for the power to manipulate the Force they have yet to display. But possess do these prophets the attributes of Sith and Jedi alike, and in balance hangs the path they will flow on. The Sphere is enriched with their presence, but more is needed to save the dying Sphere. More is needed to stem the inevitable dimming of its lifeforce, leaving only the morphing truth from the false prophets.

The path of the Sphere's destiny is inevitable, prophesied it has been by the ancient seers. The Sith have long waited for this, having seen the inevitability of the Ten Cyclical Pillars. The Sphere must go into the swirling energy of disenchantment and deceit, before it is destroyed by the Jedi and Sith. From the embers of the long gone Sphere will emerge a new constellation of systems. It is inevitable.

The lines will be drawn, and the Sith await the battle royale. A battle which is silently growing in promise, for what it heralds. Fear, Anger, Hate, Suffering. The path to the Dark Side. The Sith will feed on Younglings.

Expectant, are the Sith.


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