Tuesday, July 04, 2006

And the path of the Prophets diverge

Much peace there was in the Sphere. Much boredom too there was, as the banal was discussed in minute detail. Too much detail for some, this old Sith included. Gone, had the Sith thought, were the interesting times of the Sphere and the Force which binds it. Mainstream acceptance it has reached, and with it, drag into the Sphere the excitement of paint drying it did.

Broken now that harmony is, and rise again to feed on the energy will Darth Perfidious. The dual Prophets of Screen and Brand have clashed. Elegant silence they attempted to maintain, but leave them in peace the Sphere will not. Dragged into the fray were both Prophets, by the machinations of their followers. Much JOBO this has brought to the surface.

Over a woman they duelled, a child of divine grace. At stake was the propriety of the act, and in this they disagreed. The Prophet of Screen went overboard with his singularly focussed mission to discredit the father, but are the sins of the father to be revisitted on the children ?

Lost was the context within which this is framed. Brought to the fray it did, the credibility of the Prophet. Much discourse have the Sith poured on this in the past, and come to pass this has. More so when the Sith hath said,

Reek of dishonour this does, and even Sith distance themselves from such actions. The imbeciles who make up the majority of the Systems though do not see this, such is the adulation of the Prophet. But then in a Federation where heroes and avatars are scarce, a false prophet can seek success in idolatry.

It was the adulation of the Prophet which brought much BO to the Sphere, for not see beyond the actions of the idol could the worshippers. The Sith revel in such feeding frenzies, for fear leads to hate, and hate leads to suffering. Suffering fuels the Dark Force of the Sith, and rub their hands in glee they will.

Cement now the demise of the Sphere this will, for the harmony and diversity it promised has been marred. Soon too will the battle lines in the war be drawn, between the Mandarins of the Mainstream with their selected warriors and the Prophet of Screen and his minions. Bloodshed and turmoil in the galaxy it will bring as the outlying systems get into the fray.

Sit back and enjoy the mayhem will this Sith, mayhaps with a Prophet at his side.


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