Wednesday, July 05, 2006

And the domino effect is put in motion

The silent war of the Prophets initiated a reactionary movement in the Force. The ripples were sent into the ether which binds the Sphere, and touched the core of the Shaolin Tiger Monk. Contemplate his role within the Sphere and suggest the banality which was inevitable, he does. Ponder on the future of his engagement with the Force and the Sphere, he now sits.

Like dominos, will the denizens of the Sphere and its outlying systems fall to the onslaught of disharmony. The cycle of the Force has reached its zenith. It is a cycle which Sith and only ancient Jedi have seen. New it is not, for played out through the milleniums past it has been. Always, the cycle is the same.

Ignorance. Discovery. Elation. Excitement. Confidence. Power. Ego. Disappointment. Disenchantment. Boredom.

The ten pillars of the Sphere they are, and pass thru each must all denizens of the Sphere, Sith and Jedi alike. Ancient Sith who long before there existed a Sphere, faced the ten pillars through the Force. And when finally bored they were, disengage from the Sphere they did. Just as the Prophet of Brand and now the Shaolin Tiger Monk who reach the zenith of the Cyclical Pillars.

Inevitable this is, just as inevitable will be the fall of the pioneer denizens of the Sphere. Already their unique visitors drop, yet in a glory long past they still live, driven on by perceptions of their relevance. Yes, inevitable this cycle is, just as it befell the Dark Lord of the Sith, it will befall all.

An ancient scribe hath remarked to the Sith, that rebel the Sith is and that the Sith would disengage themself when into the mainstream the Sphere inserts itself. For it was inherent in the core of the Sith psyche that such association with the mainstream culture would be anathema to the Sith way. Such was the ancient scribe's analysis of the disappearance from the Sphere of a once powerful Jedi. Mayhaps the ancient scribe, imbibed that he was with the amber liquid of intoxification, had wisdom imparted.

The long dormant Sphere is about to shed its skin of banality, as the outlying systems and shining stars tumble into the nothingness, having touched the Ten Cyclical Pillars. Into the void will arise a new Sphere, one led by Sith who feed on the energies of fear, anger, hate and suffering. Who feed on the disharmony fueled by false prophets.

The Sith are hungry.

The Sith will feed.


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