Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Fear leads to Anger

Fear leads to Anger, Anger leads to Hate and Hate leads to Suffering. Wise was my old nemesis, Jedi Master Yoda when those words he uttered. Warn of the Dark Side he did, but pay heed mortals will not. Doomed they are for to its destiny their future lies.

Fear, do the citizens of the Federation show, as increase the crime rate has. Increase to high proportions, and braver are the criminals becoming. Murdering for a mobile device and a couple of bucks, they have been doing. Lives of young padawans and scholars, ended prematurely they have been. Care not for the enforcement they do, for lax this has become. Plagued by inefficiency and apathy this has been, and within this void will the criminal prosper.

Anger now the mortals show, suggest vigilante action they do. Soon, hate they will. Not only of the criminals, but all those who they see as different. Already within the Force can the Sith sense the disharmony. Already, the percusors to the envelope of Hate the Sith see happening. More will fall to the Dark Side, more will there be of minds for the Sith to corrupt. Abundant will the energies the Sith can feed on.

Yes, Hate more, mortals of the Federation. Long have the Sith not fed on so much, sweet is the nectar of Suffering as it infuses the Dark Side.

Let your Anger wash over you.


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