Monday, October 30, 2006

And the ambrosia flowed

Rare are times when the Sith partake of the golden ambrosia without the company of other Sith and Jedi. The dual celebrations of the Federation provided one such opportunity. With barely an open eye did the Sith initiate the process at the domicile of the scribe, before to the cave of the Prophet did we adjourn.

18-year old single virgins did we sacrifice, as the use of the Force was curbed with inhibition. Tales of battles past with the Storm troopers were heard, over the open fire and the waft of juices dripping from dead lambs.

The Buffoon was ever present, as was many from the Sphere. Present too was the Blind Baldy. Ignorant they were of the Sith in their midst, but mindful some have become. Fear that lost our subterfuge we have, but then, arise have the Sith promised.

Arise we will, and in the process bring much disharmony and mayhem.


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