Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Sphere agitates

On the first battle, the smoke has settled and the laser fire died down. But stir the embers does the Prophet. Continue to whine about his innocence he does, suggest another face to his capitulation he does. Decided have they, the Lords of the CMCF of the mediation terms, and cement has the Federation of its terms.

But changed nothing has, not from the Prophet's perspective. Always impose his worldview he has, and censor and moderate he always has done. Claim many times he has, in his wanton defence, that hijacking of his blog he disallows. Yet thru this, silence his critics he does, without discourse and ensure only one track of opinion he does. Nothing will change, discern the Sith, with the ruling of the Lords of the CMCF.

So now moderate and be wary of his commentators he must, and much more careful in his discourse he must be. For reined in by the Federation he has, and put on notice he will be soon. The Prophet has long used words carefully to provoke his targets, but leave room to slither out when cornered. Surprised though he was when his own tactics were used against him by the Mandarin of the Mainstream.

Cry though the Prophet will, but on deaf ears will they fall. Already his idolatry is waning for his capitulation. But like the dim-witted they are, see not do his followers of the moderation and censorship which always existed. Piece by piece will the Prophet's message be decimated, until exposed it will be for its inherent self-interest and glory.

Sith and Jedi alike watch in interest, eternally cognizant of the Force which binds us.


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