Thursday, December 20, 2007

Revolt, the citizens do

Long have the Sith slumbered, and in the interim a Death Star we have built. Thenceforth into the outer reaches of the galaxy and the planet we have sent our minions. Ably led by Grand Moff Jarius, recruited he was into the cause from the Evil Empire. Raged she did, the White Witch, but concede defeat to the Sith she is forced to do.

But in the Federation, calm is sorely missed. Revolt the citizens have, led by their prophets. First there was they who asked for free choosing of their senators, of an even playing field. Respond, did the battle droids of the Federation with gas and chemicals. Undaunted though they were as their leader of the rebellion release tapes which show machinations in the justice system of the Federation. Now on the backfoot the Federation is, as respond to this turn of events they must.

Push forward did the citizens as in Hindraf they found their cause. Once again, rally they did and once again to war did the battle droids go. Push back the onslaught they did, but more threatening this was. For in its madness there was truth and a Senator of the MIC was silenced for his lack of action in the past. Much disarray is the Federation as its politics enter an era of chaos.

In this miasma, the Prophet of Screen has exposed his duplicity as jumped he has from one party to another. Ambitious he is, for a Senator he has hopes of becoming. But misjudged he has his influence. Go to his head he has allowed it to be, as even in Allblogs they still believe. Ask the Sith, why so is the pro tem still supreme, ask the Sith, where be the elections which Allblogs hath promised ? Stand for freedom they say, but in their own words they do not believe.

Yes, soo will the promised chaos come as both duplicity and inaction is exposed. Wary must the citizens be, but in Sith they must trust.

Ever vigilant are the Sith.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amazing, the nature of the Force. At this moment, to lead me here, your words to listen to and understand.
It is as you say, they have forgotten. But there is amongst us at least One Who Remembers. He is coming, born of two who are two yet one.
Trust in the Force, for we are all but extensions of IT.

Tue Mar 30, 11:03:00 PM GMT+8  

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