Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Into the void we must go

Return the Sith have, after many planetary cycles from the far reaches of the galaxy. Into the void we journeyed, for to find ourselves we had to. The beacons of the Trade Federation shone brightly, as the final construction of the Death Star comes to an end.

In our absence, much has the Sphere changed, and an alliance of their own they have formed. And expose the irony of hypocrisy they have.

In retaliation to a move by the Federation to register them, they have now sought registration of their own. And done what the Federation wanted to do. Wonder do the Sith, if perhaps an insidious motive the Allblogs have. Some have pointed to a rift, but when English perfect you are not, misconstrue you will. Or mayhaps, as the Sith have deduced, there was no error. All that remains is a jostle for power, and for position, and for glory.

But loom ahead does the choice which the denizens of the Federation have to make. Already have they jostled for dominance on the Sphere, and many have cast their die. Into a new form of machination they must now proceed. Uncharted these waters are for the prophets, but cast their die they will for within their ego, influence they think they have. As the Sith have long proclaimed, forget do they of the powerful Jedi and Sith in whose footsteps they follow.

Wary of enemies both without and within, do the Prophets of Rocky and Screen now stay. Wary of the battle with the Federation which looms ahead. Wary of their purport and of their influence, waning as it is. And wary of each other's influence and motives do they. For expose itself has the cracks within the alliance, and soon, the rift will become known.

Into the void will the Sith return, for to observe this we must. Slay we will, when the time is right, and take our rightful place as the Sith of past.

Ever patient are the Sith.


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Welcome back!

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