Saturday, November 25, 2006

The Prophet Intimates More Turkeys

12 Earth hours hath passed on the Sith's post, when to sex doth the Prophet turn. Titiliate and intimate he does, of leaked videos of couples in pre intimacy. Into the void he delves of improprieties by the catchers and the flies.

Content not with expose, infamy he seeks when already leaked erotica interruptus he shows. In moving to cement the sensationalism he craves, fall into the mundane has the Prophet. Become one with those he once denigrated, into the void of sensationalism and titiliation he proclaims his lack of content.

Complain he has of the past, of erotical sensationalism by Mandarins of the Mainstream, yet to the same he now focuses his message. Wonder do Sith and Jedi alike, of the Prophet's intentions within this realm. Already suggest some of a political agenda, but in a different party does his interests lie. Mayhaps the Prophet is playing the gallery for a future to secure.

Mayhaps the Prophet has much more to say, and mayhaps the adulatory horde will blindly follow.

Continue the watch, will the Sith.


Blogger Unknown said...

Those who can't write their own smut, will copy and embed videos takenfrom others.

Such is the fate of those who realise that sex sells, but are somewhat stuck up on their moral high horse. LOL

Wed Nov 29, 12:58:00 AM GMT+8  

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