Thursday, January 18, 2007

Begun the Sphere Wars Have

Within the maelstrom of the Sphere, long have the Sith prophesied such a war. A war which is inevitable, when the Sphere is infused with the influence of false prophets. Forgotten have these prophets, and many of the Sphere's denizens, of powerful Jedi and Sith who in tandem created the Force which binds us, and in its time, gave birth to the Sphere. But retire themselves to ecclectic eccentricity in caves on the outlying systems, have these Jedi and Sith.

Ever vigilant and watchful they were, always guiding the tendrils of the Force and always adding on to the collective wisdom within its Temples and practice. Watch did the guardians of the Force, who for centuries have been its students, of the shifting balance and the jostling for control of the Force and the Sphere by agents of the Federation, the Mandarins of the Mainstream and the many false Prophets who surfaced. Never have they interfered with the jostling, for knowingly the inclusion of Jedi and Sith in the jostling will shift the balance.

Strive to maintain the balance, have these Jedi and Sith. Strive to allow an equlibrium which the Force provides.

But the war is nigh. The Mandarins of the Mainstream have to task taken the Prophets of Bru and Screen. An alliance they have formed with the Prophet Sheih, who in his glory has dramatised the war. With his art, he seeks to inform and disinform. And within this Alliance will they seek to defend their systems. Within this Alliance they will seek to disinform of the hidden hand of the Federation.

Misled will their adulatory hordes be. Misled by the deft machinations of the Prophets and their agenda. Misled by the false assertion that the Federation is reneging on its promise of no censorship. For censorship this is not, when to the civil courts do the Mandarins of the Mainstream turn to. For speak loudly does the Prophet of Screen, "INTERNET does not operate in a legal vacuum". Now, hoist by his own petard is he, for the same have the Mandarins of the Mainstream proclaimed with their dual attacks on both the Prophets. Inevitable this was, when in dishonour and bias do the denizens of the Sphere indulge.

And effects of the war will seep into the Sphere, and plunge it into the darkness it so deserves. A darkness where Sith will feed and rise to dominate. A darkness where many Jedi will be slaughtered, and a darkness from which will emerge The Sith'ari. Already predicted have the Sith of the fall of many, for ignorant of the Ten Cyclical Pillars they have been. Now, pay the price for their ignorance and arrogance will they.

Plunge into Fear, will the Sphere and infuse their energies they will into the Force. Feed on this energy will the Sith as arise from their ecclectic eccentricity will long forgotten warriors and demons.

Fear leads to Anger, Anger leads to Hate and Hate leads to Suffering. Suffering leads to the Dark Side. Await our apprentices and the creation of the New Sith Order, will the Sith.

Yes, await we will, for begun the Sphere Wars have.


Blogger Mydeen Aboo Backer said...

Ah, Mr Sith Man, Mydeen is wondering if you'd like to come over to Mydeen's Mamak Shop and help Mydeen deal with some customers. They always complain about the teh tarik and the prices.

Mydeen could do with a Darth Perfidious weilding a light sabre at them. Can or not, Darth ?

We kow tim with some Sith-strength teh tongkat ali.

Thu Jan 18, 05:05:00 PM GMT+8  
Blogger Ninja said...

Hey h/p got stolen so i lost your number :(
Could you please sms me your number?

Tue Jan 23, 05:19:00 PM GMT+8  
Blogger Azer Mantessa said...

"i'm not sure who are the fools. the fools or the fools who follow the fools"

obi-wan kenobi

Fri Jan 26, 10:14:00 AM GMT+8  
Blogger Ninja said...

Hello Stranger. You've been missing in action.
Out fighting some Sphere War somewhere? :)

Mon Feb 26, 10:54:00 PM GMT+8  

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